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Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Reverse osmosis is a sustainable and eco-friendly technology that positively impacts our environment by reducing the consumption of countless water bottles. Under-sink reverse osmosis systems are highly efficient and effective methods for removing tap water contaminants.

Reverse osmosis uses a specialized reverse osmosis membrane that selectively filters out impurities, such as arsenic, e.coli, and even radioactivity. This leaves you with cleaner and safer drinking water. In fact, reverse osmosis systems can remove up to 99% of all contaminants! With a reverse osmosis system, your water can be free from harmful water contaminants.

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Water Softeners in Cincinnati

Incorporating a water softener into your home can significantly reduce your energy bills, decrease time spent on cleaning chores, and lower the likelihood of problems with your plumbing system and appliances. By addressing hard water issues from your water source, the water softener eliminates mineral buildup that can lead to increased energy consumption and appliance damage.

Furthermore, soft water, achieved through the use of a water softener, contributes to the preservation of natural oils, resulting in luxuriously smooth skin and hair. Embrace soft water for its economic benefits and the improvement it brings to your daily personal care routine.

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Whole House Water Filters

Improve your home's water quality through the most common and cost-effective method of whole house filtration: carbon filtration at the point of entry. A whole house water filter is specifically designed to stop the pervasive issues caused by chlorine and chloramines in your water supply. They remove impurities such as chlorine and chloramines and other contaminants.

Say goodbye to the discomfort of breathing in chlorine gas during your shower and bid farewell to the woes of dry, itchy skin and hair. A whole house water filter improves the overall quality of your water throughout every faucet in your home.

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Improving Cincinnati's Water Quality With Effective Water Filtration Services

Ohio Valley Pure Water is dedicated to improving Cincinnati's water quality through our water filtration equipment. Our products include whole-house water filters, water softeners, and reverse osmosis systems, ensuring a reliable solution for every water treatment need. Our water treatment systems improve water taste and clarity without sacrificing water pressure. They accomplish this by removing specific contaminants for excellent results.

Whether you're concerned about the flow rate of your water or looking to eliminate bottled water expenses, Ohio Valley Pure Water can help. We have the expertise and cutting-edge products to provide a healthier, cleaner water supply for your home or business.

Cincinnati, Ohio’s Local & Family-Owned Provider of Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtration Company in Ohio

Ohio Valley Pure Water has been known around the greater Cincinnati eight-county, tri-state area since 1988 for its fair pricing and unrivaled service. Our business is run entirely by family, from our expert installers to our service techs and estimators. Not only are we trusted locally and highly rated for both products and service, but our business model also allows us to offer incredibly fair prices on top quality equipment.

Why Choose Ohio Valley Pure Water?

Great Reputation

Out of 31 water treatment companies in the Cincinnati area, Ohio Valley Pure Water has more positive online reviews with the Cincinnati BBB, and Google than all of our competitors combined!

Impeccable Service

When you work with Ohio Valley Pure Water, you're not just a customer- you're family. We're not perfect, but when there is an issue we take care of it right away. We have even been known to answer our phones on Thanksgiving & Christmas!

Competitive pricing

We do not have storefront or commission-based salespeople. That means our prices are up to 75% LESS than our competitors. We do NOT sell cheap equipment... we simply give you more bang for your buck! In fact, many local plumbing companies buy their water treatment products from us because our prices are even better than what is offered by local plumbing stores and wholesale suppliers.

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Ohio Valley Pure Water has established a reputation for fair pricing and unparalleled service in Cincinnati for over three decades. As a family-run business, every aspect, from our expert installers to service techs and estimators, is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Our unique business model enables us to provide top-quality equipment at remarkably fair prices. Contact Ohio Valley Pure Water today to experience the difference our family-centric approach makes in delivering affordable, high-quality water treatment solutions.

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